SMS Confirmation for Order and Shipping – Magento Extension

Magento SMS extension offers the ability to deliver SMSs to verify client orders or shipping details. With shipping time decreasing up to the same day sending, an SMS is probably interpreted immediately, offering your customers serenity of mind regarding their order or sending details. You can also arrange the extension to deliver SMS order alert to your execution department. By these SMS alerts, customers do not need to verify the mail for order details. They get the present information from wherever possible.


  • In Magento online store, Magento SMS alert add-on is simple to set up.
  • Customer get details via SMS, no requirement of checking the mail from anywhere.
  • SMS are always shown at the sending time, but an e-mail that can be regarded SPAM for a while.
  • SMS alerts are delivered to customer and an administrator when the order is placed.
  • SMS alerts to customer, if order is abandoned.
  • If order is placed, the SMS alert to customer describes the order is effectively placed including the Order ID.
  • If order status is changed to shipping, then customers get the SMS alert such as Order shipped with Tracking ID and shipping provider’s name.
  • If Order status is changed to delivery, then customers gets the SMS alert such as Order successfully delivered.

Apart from above notifications, online store owners also need to verify their customers, and to do that they can employ two-factor authentication and make their SMS campaign successful.


WooCommerce SMS Plugin- A Tool to Run Successful E-commerce Business

WooCommerce is an authoritative and active e-commerce plugin that will possibly help in selling anything! Incorporating SMS with WooCommerce will help your business in delivering quick SMS alerts to your customers related with delivery-status and transaction. This is also the best way to involve your customers in your latest offers and discounts.
WooCommerce SMS plugin may help online retailers send better customer service and show a significant marketing opportunity. Simple technology can give you a winning benefit in today’s competitive e-commerce world. Customers want a shopping experience that is problem free and gives quick resolutions to their issues. SMS services help you to fulfill these anticipations and deliver outstanding experiences that keep customers coming back again and again.

(1) Define the SMS alert for new orders.
(2) When the order status changes to processing, you can define customized order processing SMS and send automatic SMS to customer.
(3) When the order status is changed to completed, you can define customized order completed SMS and send automatic SMS to customer.
(4) It is possible to send manual SMS to any number.
(5) The admin can send SMS to all or particular customers of theirs in single time.
(6) When an order gets placed, the admin and the customer receives a notification SMS.
(7) When an order’s status is modified, the customer gets a notification SMS.
(8) The admin can see how many SMS are remaining in their account; verify if the e-shop is properly connected with SMS gateway; fix the Sender ID that the SMS delivered from their e-shop will include.

Therefore, running a successful WooCommerce website can be simpler if you find appropriate plugins to save your time and effort like send bulk SMS plugin. And, as you can notice, there are various WooCommerce plugins that are prevailing tool for you to depend on.

How banks can use SMS service to send bulk messages

Banks and financial institutes are one of the most proficient organizations when it comes to dealing with customers. They integrate organized and invariable methods in each aspect of the business. Banks, like any other profitable business, use generation’s trend on IT. They also purchase for commercials and ads being the key source of their turnaround. For ads, they also employ print ads, TV commercials, telephone, the internet, and currently the use of bulk SMS for sending notification of their transactions. This has become the most effective tool that transformed ease in the different banking systems’ access and flow.

There are many bulk SMS websites available that provide SMS services for banks. With it, banks can send bulk SMS notifications to their customers related to their personal accounts, new promotions, customer service, admittance to services and lot more. They can even do this without limit and beyond borders, with the use of bulk SMS international service they can even message their customers who are out of the country.

MSG91, a bulk SMS gateway India company that provides effective service that various businesses can afford to use. Interested parties may sign up an account at the website, where they can purchase SMS packages of their selection, and supervise it from there. Once you sign up, you will have your own login credentials so you alone can run your profile and do bulk SMS transactions. You can check your account with SMS delivery report and have the history of the SMS you have delivered. You can also list at which specific time you want your SMS to be delivered and enjoy other added features.

How can transactional SMS benefit the users?

Exchange SMS has increased huge ubiquity nowadays and is being utilized by business houses generally. Such transactional messages are being utilized for sending special messages. Such messages can be utilized with the end goal of advancing, showcasing or building up a business thought. The whole thought of value-based messages is entirely straightforward and can be utilized by individuals without going through numerous issues. Once these administrations have been profited, you can buy transactional SMS gateway and hope to accomplish benefits as talked about below.

1. Fast delivery

This is one of the greatest advantages of utilizing exchange SMS benefit. There happens no deferral in conveyance of messages; consequently pressing data can be proficiently imparted to clients. Subsequently, it is one of the best techniques to pick particularly when business is searching for approaches to circulate vital data to their clients.

2. Access to all clients

The limited time messages don’t have the capacity of connecting with clients who have decided on Do Not Disturb office. You should simply, approach a transactional SMS service provider in India and give them contact rundown and number of clients to who message should be sent.

3. Messages in view of template

The value-based messages shared over the globe depend on layouts. In this manner clients who wish to convey SMS transaction can utilize the format and make their very own redid message. With this, people can meet their particular needs and convey messages to targeted clients.

Use Of Bulk SMS In OTP Verifications

With cybercrime increasing each day, each organization is hoping to minimize the danger of misrepresentation without hindering clients—all while holding security costs under control.

Confirmation based on WordPress SMS API sent to a phone and continuous number check gives the perfect blend of accommodation, security, and minimal effort for helping organizations control benefit initiation, empower secured access to the workforce of mobile, and confirm financial exchanges.

There are different organizations with telephone as-a-token administrations utilizing WordPress SMS API-based One-Time-Passwords (OTPs) and relevant verification apparatuses that are accessible throughout the world, and secure.

What Is An OTP?

A one time password (OTP) is a keyword that is legitimate for stand out login session or financial exchange, on a computer device or other advanced gadgets. OTPs stay away from various weaknesses that are connected with customary secret word based validation; various executions likewise consolidate two-way verification by guaranteeing that the one-time password obliges access to something a person has and also something a person knows.


The most highlighting benefit that is tended to by OTPs is that, rather than static passwords, they are not open to attacks. This implies a potential interloper who figures out how to record an OTP that was at that point used to sign into a service.

The Use Of Bulk SMS gateway API Has Got The Following Features:

  • The verification takes place in context with all details of the phone to which the SMS is sent
  • Transactional SMSs are sent on an emergency basis
  • It covers the entire world

7 Pillars to get success through Bulk SMS

There are numerous bulk SMS gateway provider in your nation. You need one, and with so many choices, before you, it’s bound to be confusing. There are seven important things that can determine the right service provider for you. Here is the list of the seven things. Just go through them and decide the right company to provide the service.
1. Arranging phone numbers is the first step that you will have to check out. Unless you have the numbers, the bulk SMS support is of no use. There are some of the companies, which sell out data, for you.

2. The next thing that you will have to do is to segregate the numbers. They can be in the form of demography, age, income or even by profession. Select the right categorization for you and have that data with you. Some of the bulk SMS service provider do support their clients with the help of the segmented data. Take help of the same and go for that.

3. SMS you are sending must be delivered. The companies, providing the support must support you with a proper dashboard, to view the delivery report.

4. Feedback support is essential in any mode of communication. If that is SMS, use long or shortcodes and get support in the form of feedback.

5. Tracking the different things in the SMS provider API is also essential. The SMS that is sent have URLs. Check whether the URLs are up or not.

6. Testing the keywords, you are sending through long or shortcodes must be done from time to time.

7. Finally, you will have to be frequent. You cannot stop sending one a single SMS.

Why is bulk messaging such a popular technique to use right now?

Everybody knows that text messaging is a very successful marketing or communication technique today. But why is that? Well, there are various reasons that add to the popularity of bulk messaging; here we are listing a few of them.

  • Customers increasingly prefer SMS

Earlier this year, Mark Zuckerberg said, “I don’t know anyone who likes calling businesses. It’s not fast or convenient, and it definitely doesn’t feel like the future.”

This is a very simple way to say that people wish to interact with businesses on a daily basis through an asynchronous way: they don’t want to be tied up on the phone. In such instances, bulk SMS HTTP API, allow you to send automated texts to customers on defined occasions and actions, allowing you to give out the message without disturbing your customer.

  • For most people, their mobile phones are always near

In a study it was found that 91% of people keep their mobile phones within 3 feet always, all the time. As a result, SMS API gives you the ability to reach people anytime and in a very personal way.

  • Wide availability of bulk SMS API to automate the process

Businesses can easily choose from WordPress SMS plugin, OpenCart SMS extension, WooCommerce SMS notification plugin and Magento SMS extension to include functionality of bulk SMS gateway in their website and automate SMS messages for their clients.

If you are impressed by these advantages, and wondering how to get started, contact the best bulk SMS provider and get started.