Whether you have a web based app or you own an e-commerce store, with the help of right bulk SMS API you can easily send SMS notifications to your clients not just in India but worldwide.

Here we are answering some of the frequently asked questions about SMS API to help you know benefits of using APIs for sending bulk SMS.

How you can use bulk SMS API?

You can use bulk SMS gateway API for inbound and outbound texts, manage contact lists, send and receive messages, schedule SMS messages and create templates.

What is an SMS API?

API is acronym for Application Programming Interface. API can be defined as a set of programming standards, rules and instructions for accessing online apps. SMS APIs are usually made available to the developers to power their services with the API.

What are the most popular bulk SMS APIs?

A number of bulk SMS APIs are provided by international bulk SMS provider and some of the most popular ones include:

What are the benefits of using bulk SMS API?

There are many benefits of using bulk SMS API, but some of the most common ones include:

Fast access: You won’t have to log in to bulk SMS gateway to send messages one by one. Just integrate SMS gateway API in your app or software and start sending SMS from your software.

Communicate in any language: You can send SMS in the language of your choice. English is not the only option.

We hope you found this post helpful. Moreover, if you have more questions, then, you can ask your bulk SMS service provider; they would be happy to assist.


The simple ways to send bulk SMS

Today, businesses of all sizes are benefiting from the pocket-friendly, instant communication via bulk SMS. The good news is that you don’t have to be a computer wizard or have a team of professionals to take advantage of SMS solution. Just contact a reputed and reliable bulk SMS gateway provider for simple and effective ways to send messages.

SMS gateway providers also provide you with various APIs and add-ons, allowing you to send texts from almost anywhere, anytime. Here are different ways to send bulk SMS.

Send text messages online

This is one of the most popular ways to send SMS, as it allows them to send SMS even when on the go. Once they login to the website, sending messages is same as sending an email. This means users are not dependent on any one PC or laptop.

Send messages from a spreadsheet

Probably the simplest way to send bulk SMS is through an add-on for a spreadsheet application. Although only a few international bulk SMS providers in India provide this service it makes sending SMS super easy. It enables businesses to use the information or details present in the spreadsheet to send their SMS.

Send SMS from WordPress

This is another add-on provided by a few online bulk SMS service provider. As name suggests with this add-on you can send SMS using your WordPress website. This add-on proves to be of great help for e-commerce stores.

If you have access to add-ons and bulk SMS API then sending bulk SMS will be like a breeze.

How Bulk SMS Services Can Create a Difference in Business Communication

There are users who always look for organizations that provide money-saving and quality services. Everybody wants to get benefited with the best and the newest in technology. Organizations that take on new applications to offer their services always stand at the initial position to get the biggest number of customers to serve.

Short messaging service or SMS was presented in lieu of unwritten communication. Written words express more than what an individual can say as far as their emotions are concerned.

Communicating through PC, SMS API makes it simple for the sender to deliver their message to thousands of customers in a few seconds. A message can communicate time of the meeting to all employees in a single go, so that nobody can articulate that they were not conversant. All text messages are tracked; delivery of the text messages is confirmed as they are being delivered or not. By using the services of an expert message sending company you are able to send bulk messages through its SMS gateway.

One can anticipate dependable bulk SMS services from any trustworthy company. Customer support is offered to all. These services are considered to provide the best business text SMS service in bulk. SMS sending is carried by an API server and messaging channel is from individual computer to the mobiles.

With text messages as mode of communication, business becomes reorganized. Sending customized messages to staff and customers develop relationships. MSG91 is a leading organization, which offers bulk SMS services to its clients. They have come up with bulk SMS software and gateway services that offer expedient opportunity to every kind of business organizations to stay in touch with all employees and customers. So, get the best message sending company MSG91s services for better outlook in all spheres of business.

How Can SMS Gateway API Improve Your Marketing Strategy

Are you thinking to adopt a bulk SMS marketing strategy to increase your business sales? If your answer is yes, then various benefits will definitely come your way. With the growing competition in today’s business world, it is very significant to ensure that you and your business have the sharpened edge over your competitors and the best method to do this is via SMS marketing. However, for this type of marketing to actually work, you require a successful Bulk SMS service provider. As most of the people are not familiar with SMS services, they would have no idea how to get the best service available. This is not an issue for you. Just follow the tips given below:

1. Primarily, you have to select a trustworthy SMS gateway API provider. For this, you have to evaluate the features and services being provided. There are definitely a lot of services available but there are surely some big differences between them. For instance, if you go for a gateway service provider that offers two-way SMS service, this will let you get response from customers via queries or different pieces of information.

2. Another thing you should do for choosing a good SMS gateway service provider is note down all the things you plan to send to your client base and then find a service that can provide you this facility. When choosing a gateway service, always keep in mind to find something that will let you send special messages using special devices. This will allow you to stay on top of your competition. Your selected service should also hold up different applications, permitting you to get the most out of it.

3. Apart from the features, it is also imperative to look into safety aspects, as this is one of the most significant yet often overlooked and neglected parts of the method of SMS marketing. Your data safety must be taken into account when using an SMS gateway service provider. You should also ensure that your message will be delivered accurately without any problem. There are some SMS gateways also available that allow sending of transactional SMS by the use of transaction SMS Gateway .

4. At last, you have to think about the cost of the SMS gateway service. Be careful of providers who use the promotional technique of providing cheap rates only to increase the cost afterwards. To ensure that you get the best SMS gateway service provider, do your research work properly!

Thus, you can see that an SMS gateway API is really helpful in improving your marketing strategy. And, you should definitely try it to make your campaign successful.

SMS Gateway API- A Successful Marketing Tool for Every Business

It’s now time to look for alternate systems or marketing solutions you have not tried before. As for successful promotion of your business you need to change your marketing tools from time to time. Therefore, a high-class SMS gateway API can help you here. To find out how it can accomplish your needs, have a look at a few of its important characteristics discussed below:

With the help of a gateway API you can reach thousands of prospective customers in a short span of time. An SMS gateway can drive up to 25,000 messages per minute. Well, if you were not -aware about this, then now you  know how easy it can be.?

In three simple steps you can send messages without any additional hardware needs. An SMS gateway can be incorporated through gateway API on any website.

Some of the Bulk SMS gateway make stipulation to push customized marketing messages for open clusters of prospective customers. This can help you push out different marketing messages attracting to open clusters of your intended prospective clients.

Pushing SMS with the help of SMS gateway by listing the Sender ID for your brand name to endorse your brand and services.

Setting up the messages can help you enjoy on particular occasions, for e.g. you do not have to be working on your mobile phone or laptop to deliver greeting messages on the occasion of Christmas.

Some of the SMS gateway service provider helps their clients to save online address book to provide you with the possibility to push messages to appropriate clusters.
This tool can also be used to send bulk SMS for schools, colleges, coaching institutes and various other businesses as well.

This paragraph comes out of the blue. No connection with the rest of the article Telemarketing companies understand that how tricky it is to allow marketing executives to notify the standard method to prospective customers repeatedly. As a conventional telesales company forces the sales team to get the numbers that always go to erroneous commitment, selling, etc. This can show the way to lawful activities or bad condition of your company. But, here SMS marketing reduces the risk you take on behalf of your  staff members and can have total control from your closing stages.

How Transactional Bulk SMS Improves Your Business

Transactional SMS is all about notifying people of services they have used. These SMS are delivered when people select for alerts to get desired information.

Transactional bulk SMS is one of the best ways to get connected to clients. By delivering messages, marketers can stay in touch directly on the mobile phone of the customer, so that it will help you keep in touch in best possible way.

Transactional SMS helps in improving your business. By using a mobile phone, marketers are able to reach all over the world. With the help of bulk SMS service, marketers can send SMS around the world and that too at a very affordable price.

On the other hand, if you are a transactional SMS reseller, then;

You can resell the bulk SMS at your own prices.You can have common transactional SMS reseller unbranded control panel. As your customers are not aware of the company that has control panel, you can sell it by saying that it has been created by you.

You can assign further bulk SMS resellers. You can provide your bulk SMS reseller a fully unbranded control panel.

You can develop your own bulk SMS gateway and claim this gateway as yours.
You can create or manage multiple users.  You can provide users with quick bulk SMS account activation. All accounts or user created by you will be activated quickly on registration.

So, transactional SMS can be used in almost all business sectors for updating their brand name, services, information or latest news. And, if you are in transactional SMS reseller business, then it will help you generate huge money.

Bulk SMS For Educational Institutes

Communication has always played an essential role in building an association among parents, teachers and students and technology has assisted to enhance better communication and learning practices. With the commencement of mobile technology, the method of e-learning, excellent teaching methods and distribution of information has become much simpler and quicker. Usage of Bulk SMS for education institutes for communicating messages has obtained positive outcomes among the teaching community.

When it comes to sending significant updates or information for these educational institutes, bulk SMS  service appears to be the defender. They can use Transactional SMS for education in various ways to update or broadcast necessary updates, enhance relationship management and handle successful communication within the staff. This method of communication has helped schools and colleges to send their messages to parents and students quickly and on a daily basis.

Messaging services such as updating student’s performance, distribution of dates for a significant event, declaring dates of the exam result, reminders of fee payments, updates on any changes related to timetable or activity calenders are few services that are accommodated by schools to update parents and their students.

Even for working parents, these bulk SMS services appear to be a blessing. Getting SMS details about their child’s management and other performance results are on daily swings. Even colleges keep record of students’ attendance and other misconduct if any, and report it to their parents quickly via bulk SMS  for colleges to take required action. Important notices, reminders, exam information, open house dates are simply informed to parents through bulk SMS service.

Educational institutes also look for Bulk SMS marketing service to tell about special events or programs that are held in school or college premises. Information about Family Day celebration or Intramural or University fair date declaration, all the timetables and activities are delivered through bulk SMS service.

Such is the effect of mobile technology and  we at provide the best bulk SMS service for Education institute. Our bulk messaging service helps education institutes to save time, effort and money. Certainly, we help in changing the current method of education with the introduction of smart messaging technology.