Two-factor authentication and its different benefits

Two-factor authentication, also known as multi-step authentication, is a method by which a user’s individuality is double verified to find out their authority. In most situations, an online account holder will be needed to show two different passwords in order to run their account. The primary password, found out by the user, is the user’s primary password and the secondary is a verification code, or one time password (OTP) that is delivered from an application or a website, to the user through SMS or email. The authentication code, or OTP, will be diverse for each login and requires being entered it into an app or website in a definite time period in order to go through the account.

Employment of SMS for 2 factor authentication has become an accepted security tool for various businesses that provide an online service. The best example is two-step authentication needed when logging into a Google account. Making this feature active means whenever you login into your Google account, you are needed to give your primary password in addition to one-time password that is delivered to your mobile through text, voice call or via mobile application.

The benefits of employing SMS based two-factor authentication involve:




Simple deployment

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SMS marketing India-A Successful marketing strategy

With an increasing number of people using the internet via their mobile phones, SMS marketing India has taken a big turn. Marketing is of different types and this type of marketing comes under the group of spot advertising. SMS marketing has wrecked all the obstacles for the marketers and has definitely changed the method of approaching people around the world.

SMS marketing in India lets you not only go to any place, at any time and any person, but also is highly economical. It has proved to produce quick results and the number is growing with every passing day.

The key cause behind why this kind of advertising is extremely result oriented is because at an average, at least ninety four percent of text SMS are open and interpreted, which no other kind of marketing can endure. Be it big scale or small scale, SMS marketing is getting huge recognition every day. Not at all before, has it been this easy to go to such a big number of people with such effectiveness and decreased cost. It is not only running very well internationally, but also gained huge recognition in domestic market. One great thing about SMS marketing is that it has the ability to improve withholding, as not like many other types of marketing, SMS send online or SMS marketing increases withholding and are able to go to your intended audience at any hour and any place as per your expediency.

Know how to send SMS from PC

Text SMS has come out from an easy value-added service provided by mobile phone carriers to make the most out of not used bandwidth, to one of the most well-liked types of communication in the current world. Text SMS is proscribed by the mobile networks that create the base of the technology. The key to delivering text SMSs is having system access to an SMS gateway, a portal that lets SMS traffic to get into a mobile network. Thus, finding out how to send SMS from PC is essential.

For people and small applications, most carriers create public SMTP to SMS gateways accessible. If an individual understands both the mobile number and the carrier of their targeted recipient, it is just a thing of looking up the proper layout for the carrier and delivering an email.

For organizations and individuals searching for more important usage of this technique, entities called as SMS aggregators are accessible. Aggregators pay big sum to mobile carriers to connect their own gateways to networks and advertise their services to those needing bulk SMS access. Employing an aggregator lets customers to take part in price and savings allocation from the wholesale sharing of SMS traffic authorities.

Overall, text messaging is a highly profitable type of communication. And, Magento SMS, WordPress SMS, OpenCart SMS, etc., are some types of SMS. Not like email that has mainly become conquered by services that are free for end user, SMS still needs payment.

How bulk SMS is beneficial for education system

SMS messaging is quickly becoming the weapon of selection in the confident marketer’s armory. The education segment, for instance, can benefit hugely from employing SMS. It is the best method to develop relationships with parents, students, and staff members. Here are various methods to use bulk SMS for education system.

SMS for weather notification

This is specifically useful in regions with intense climates. SMS can simplify this by alerting parents and students quickly of any setbacks, annulments or closing, offering them a lot of time to make optional arrangements.

Parent teacher meeting

Parents usually live  busy lives and it can be simple to overlook meetings or significant school dates. With the employment of SMS, parents can get appropriate and mild reminders about future parent-teacher meetings.

Exam alerts

Bulk SMS can be employed all over exam times to remember students of exam dates, locations and even exam text.

Imperative messages

Parents probably are far more amenable to an SMS notification than they are to a call. It means you can go to them very fast and with negligible commotion. You will also find out if they have interpreted or have not got the SMS.

Staff communication

SMS can also be employed to stay in touch with staff members. An easy text can allow them to find about future events fast.

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Bulk SMS India- An Effective Marketing Tool

If you consider initiating a new business enterprise and you want individuals to find about your latest project, then employing the bulk SMS India facility will be actually prudent. This is a very new tactic that has been considered by various marketing people to extend all over the world. This facility is generally employed by different media houses, telecom brands when they want to allocate some latest offer or promo with clients.

Most of the organizations keep a record of all the customers and they arbitrarily deliver messages to these people. In fact, various hotels and restaurants also notify their customers regarding any latest feature, etc. Various schools also use bulk SMS India tool for delivering admission tips, outcomes. Thus, we can see that the use of bulk SMS has grown quickly as they are quick and inexpensive.
At times, it is very upsetting to get these messages that may not be useful to you. Bulk SMS is mostly delivered to people who list with that specific company. It has also been observed that when you look for a specific company on the internet, right away a service SMS approaches to you. This is noticeably as the company considers that you are involved to deal with them and so they will help you much.
Apart from it, there are different SMS tools also available like Vtiger SMS, Excel sheet to SMS and lot more, which may be used by businesses for effective marketing.


SMS Confirmation for Order and Shipping – Magento Extension

Magento SMS extension offers the ability to deliver SMSs to verify client orders or shipping details. With shipping time decreasing up to the same day sending, an SMS is probably interpreted immediately, offering your customers serenity of mind regarding their order or sending details. You can also arrange the extension to deliver SMS order alert to your execution department. By these SMS alerts, customers do not need to verify the mail for order details. They get the present information from wherever possible.


  • In Magento online store, Magento SMS alert add-on is simple to set up.
  • Customer get details via SMS, no requirement of checking the mail from anywhere.
  • SMS are always shown at the sending time, but an e-mail that can be regarded SPAM for a while.
  • SMS alerts are delivered to customer and an administrator when the order is placed.
  • SMS alerts to customer, if order is abandoned.
  • If order is placed, the SMS alert to customer describes the order is effectively placed including the Order ID.
  • If order status is changed to shipping, then customers get the SMS alert such as Order shipped with Tracking ID and shipping provider’s name.
  • If Order status is changed to delivery, then customers gets the SMS alert such as Order successfully delivered.

Apart from above notifications, online store owners also need to verify their customers, and to do that they can employ two-factor authentication and make their SMS campaign successful.


Some very helpful contact form plugins for WordPress

As always WordPress makes things very simple and a large number of accessible plugins can generally grimy the waters a little bit and make judgment difficult. Now, you do not need to be concerned at all because here some essential plugins has been described:

1. Contact Form 7

If you are in need of a contact form plugin, then this is ideal for you. You can arrange multiple forms with a range of form fields that will furnish any of your requirements; text areas, comment boxes, needed fields and radio buttons – Contact Form 7 plugin is the choice for you.

2. Fast Secure Contact Form or FSCF

This has been a good choice for a very long time due the fact that it is just straight forward to fix; it has not got as many highly developed features but it is still quite authoritative.

3. Gravity Forms

Whereas this is a premium plugin and not generously accessible from the WordPress plugin depository like Contact Form 7 and Fast Secure Contact Form you should not miss out this plugin as there is a cause why this is not a free plugin.

There is also an access to add-ons such as send data from Google sheet that you can incorporate into email list providers like Mail Chimp, and Aweber, etc. Overall, Gravity Forms is a very powerful plugin that should not be avoided.

So, I hope that this short list of authoritative plugins will be of some use to you.