WooCommerce SMS Plugin- A Tool to Run Successful E-commerce Business

WooCommerce is an authoritative and active e-commerce plugin that will possibly help in selling anything! Incorporating SMS with WooCommerce will help your business in delivering quick SMS alerts to your customers related with delivery-status and transaction. This is also the best way to involve your customers in your latest offers and discounts.
WooCommerce SMS plugin may help online retailers send better customer service and show a significant marketing opportunity. Simple technology can give you a winning benefit in today’s competitive e-commerce world. Customers want a shopping experience that is problem free and gives quick resolutions to their issues. SMS services help you to fulfill these anticipations and deliver outstanding experiences that keep customers coming back again and again.

(1) Define the SMS alert for new orders.
(2) When the order status changes to processing, you can define customized order processing SMS and send automatic SMS to customer.
(3) When the order status is changed to completed, you can define customized order completed SMS and send automatic SMS to customer.
(4) It is possible to send manual SMS to any number.
(5) The admin can send SMS to all or particular customers of theirs in single time.
(6) When an order gets placed, the admin and the customer receives a notification SMS.
(7) When an order’s status is modified, the customer gets a notification SMS.
(8) The admin can see how many SMS are remaining in their account; verify if the e-shop is properly connected with SMS gateway; fix the Sender ID that the SMS delivered from their e-shop will include.

Therefore, running a successful WooCommerce website can be simpler if you find appropriate plugins to save your time and effort like send bulk SMS plugin. And, as you can notice, there are various WooCommerce plugins that are prevailing tool for you to depend on.

Send SMS using Java for your online store

Java, or J2ME is a layout for applications for mobile as well as PDAs. It offers software that can be appended to mobile phones. It has been most broadly used for mobile games, but many other applications like maps, quick messengers, messaging based on IP, GPS systems or phone book backup systems have been created.

As J2ME is broadly present on mobile phones, it gives the largest compatibility in a highly portioned market as well as helps you send SMS using Java.

As advertising funded content improves, there will be more demand to add this into Java applications. Instantly, most of these applications are games however recent studies have depicted that this has a tendency to concentrate on the 14-24 age group. In the older age statistics, PDA functions like diaries, maps or email are of the biggest interest. However, outside of the games market, there is unwillingness by different users out of the untimely adopters to install applications on their mobile devices.

The Java Platform was developed by Sun Microsystems as a language and background to run applications on mobile devices and PDAs. It is programming language in Java, which is broadly known amongst programmers and developers. Even though it is more complicated to create than easy Flash-based applications, it is the huge compatibility with mobile phones that make it an attractive development plan. As well as the phone-based tasks J2ME can also be used to link through the Internet, Bluetooth or infrared.  Apart from it, Woocommerce SMS integration is also helpful for ecommerce businesses.

As with the other mobile content, various handsets on the market come out as the need to develop different versions of every application. Whereas video and audio may be transposed for handset optimization, J2ME applications will generally need to be developed particularly for diverse range of phones.

SMS gateway provider- A dependable medium for business

These days, the use of mobile phones have grown very much. This exaggerate use of mobile phones has involved the view of the business premises. They started considering this to make their unique and highly developed technical modem as their gateway technology. In general, all the small scale business foundations have shown its ardent interest to get the service of SMS gateway provider.

SMS gateway plugin for WordPress, Opencart SMS gateway, SMS APIs are some of the services offered by a gateway service provider, which is far above the ground of business promotion.

The plan of sending bulk SMS software application is made for creating and sending quick unlimited text SMS, season greetings, invitations, mass recruitment alert and job alerts, business ads, and mobile marketing campaign. It is also planned for sending notifications to the customers regarding deals, marketing of products and diverse events related to business. It is particularly premeditated for delivering the messages created in the PC to bulk mobile numbers. The bulk messaging method is important and hassle free course of action to keep connected with your employees, customers, friends or relatives.

Bulk SMS messaging function has a communicative and graphical user interface that makes it very simple to use. Even the service holders or the user does not need any particular technical ability to use this kind of interface. The SMS gateway providers offer their own software and tools that is very user friendly to employ.

How banks can use SMS service to send bulk messages

Banks and financial institutes are one of the most proficient organizations when it comes to dealing with customers. They integrate organized and invariable methods in each aspect of the business. Banks, like any other profitable business, use generation’s trend on IT. They also purchase for commercials and ads being the key source of their turnaround. For ads, they also employ print ads, TV commercials, telephone, the internet, and currently the use of bulk SMS for sending notification of their transactions. This has become the most effective tool that transformed ease in the different banking systems’ access and flow.

There are many bulk SMS websites available that provide SMS services for banks. With it, banks can send bulk SMS notifications to their customers related to their personal accounts, new promotions, customer service, admittance to services and lot more. They can even do this without limit and beyond borders, with the use of bulk SMS international service they can even message their customers who are out of the country.

MSG91, a bulk SMS gateway India company that provides effective service that various businesses can afford to use. Interested parties may sign up an account at the website, where they can purchase SMS packages of their selection, and supervise it from there. Once you sign up, you will have your own login credentials so you alone can run your profile and do bulk SMS transactions. You can check your account with SMS delivery report and have the history of the SMS you have delivered. You can also list at which specific time you want your SMS to be delivered and enjoy other added features.

How to Send Bulk SMS Messages from Your Computer

Bulk SMS or bulk text messaging, has become a widely used  communication tool for businesses and organizations all over the world. Due to the recognition of bulk SMS services, there are various platforms present to suit the requirements of anybody wanting to send bulk SMS. These application-to-person SMS solutions vary from mobile phone applications, software programmes, web interfaces, or SMS API incorporation with systems. You may also send SMS using Java, PHP, or Java Netbeans.

Software programmes, for one, are essential for anybody wanting to send bulk text messages from their PCs. This bulk SMS messaging solution will line with a service providers’ SMS gateway to make sure the delivery of text messages to mobile phone numbers anywhere in the world.

The MSG91 bulk SMS service provides with one such software programme. Once installed onto your PC, this software allows you to manage all of your SMS communications straightforwardly from your computer. The software is easy to set up and it allows you to manage, send or receive individual or bulk SMS communications.

This software also has a variety of features that are accessible at no additional cost. These features include:

  • Personalized messaging
  • Scheduling of text messages
  • Link to external data sources like Outlook, Pastel, SQL Server and other ODBC data sources
  • Quick messaging to larger groups and individuals
  • Full reporting of all SMS communications.

So, start using MSG91 bulk SMS software and send text messages straight from your PC or laptop.

Two-Factor Authentication- A Solution to Secure User Identities

Two-factor authentication or 2FA is a method of verifying a user’s claimed identity by using a combination of two different constituents. 2FA is a type of multi-factor authentication.
One of the best examples from everyday life is withdrawing money from ATM; only exact combination of a bank card (something that the user has) and a PIN (personal identification number, something that the user already knows) allows the transaction to be taken place.

Two-factor authentication through bulk SMS services


Two factor authentication works with two different security or validation methods. In general, one is a physical confirmation token, and one is a rational password or code. Both must be confirmed before going through a secured service or product. By and large, an authenticating process needs a physical token or identity verification, followed by a rational password or personal identification number (PIN).

Two-factor authentication is one of the best methods to look after against remote attacks like phishing, credential misuse and other efforts to invade your accounts.
Without your physical device, distant attackers cannot claim to be you in order to get unofficial access to financial information, corporate networks, cloud storage, etc.

Login information is more important than ever, as organizations take on more remote workers and web-based applications. By incorporating two-factor authentication with these applications, attackers are not able to access your accounts without having your physical device required to fulfill the second factor.

Your password is not as good as you consider it is. With two-factor authentication through SMS gateway India services, you can make sure that even if a hacker finds out your preferred password or pin, they would not be capable of accessing your data.

How can transactional SMS benefit the users?

Exchange SMS has increased huge ubiquity nowadays and is being utilized by business houses generally. Such transactional messages are being utilized for sending special messages. Such messages can be utilized with the end goal of advancing, showcasing or building up a business thought. The whole thought of value-based messages is entirely straightforward and can be utilized by individuals without going through numerous issues. Once these administrations have been profited, you can buy transactional SMS gateway and hope to accomplish benefits as talked about below.

1. Fast delivery

This is one of the greatest advantages of utilizing exchange SMS benefit. There happens no deferral in conveyance of messages; consequently pressing data can be proficiently imparted to clients. Subsequently, it is one of the best techniques to pick particularly when business is searching for approaches to circulate vital data to their clients.

2. Access to all clients

The limited time messages don’t have the capacity of connecting with clients who have decided on Do Not Disturb office. You should simply, approach a transactional SMS service provider in India and give them contact rundown and number of clients to who message should be sent.

3. Messages in view of template

The value-based messages shared over the globe depend on layouts. In this manner clients who wish to convey SMS transaction can utilize the format and make their very own redid message. With this, people can meet their particular needs and convey messages to targeted clients.