Things that you can do via using a Webhook

A Webhook is just a push alert from a server to another server. A Webhook allows you to setup a push alert to your server each time somebody puts forward a form on one of your unbounded pages.

WebHooks make it simpler to incorporate two systems. The most general use for Webhook is to insert leads into your CRM. But, there are various other things you could do in addition, such as delivering yourself an email or scheming addresses on Google Earth.

What do you require?

The very temperament of a Webhook supposes that you have some capability to create code (or bribe a friend or an associate who does). You require having a server that can acknowledge a POST request such as what you would obtain from a form submission, and be able to create a script that does something in reply.

Google Sheet add on

Webhooks can be activated whenever a diversity of actions is carried out on a repository or a business. For instance, you can arrange a Webhook in Google Sheet to carry out whenever:

-A storehouse is pushed to
-A pull demand is opened
-A new associate is appended to a team

You will require access to an outer server and knowledge with technological methods in order to fix a new Webhook. For help on developing a Webhook to employ along with gateway APIs such as OpenCart SMS gateway, consisting of a complete list of actions you can link with.


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