7 Pillars to get success through Bulk SMS

There are numerous bulk SMS gateway provider in your nation. You need one, and with so many choices, before you, it’s bound to be confusing. There are seven important things that can determine the right service provider for you. Here is the list of the seven things. Just go through them and decide the right company to provide the service.
1. Arranging phone numbers is the first step that you will have to check out. Unless you have the numbers, the bulk SMS support is of no use. There are some of the companies, which sell out data, for you.

2. The next thing that you will have to do is to segregate the numbers. They can be in the form of demography, age, income or even by profession. Select the right categorization for you and have that data with you. Some of the bulk SMS service provider do support their clients with the help of the segmented data. Take help of the same and go for that.

3. SMS you are sending must be delivered. The companies, providing the support must support you with a proper dashboard, to view the delivery report.

4. Feedback support is essential in any mode of communication. If that is SMS, use long or shortcodes and get support in the form of feedback.

5. Tracking the different things in the SMS provider API is also essential. The SMS that is sent have URLs. Check whether the URLs are up or not.

6. Testing the keywords, you are sending through long or shortcodes must be done from time to time.

7. Finally, you will have to be frequent. You cannot stop sending one a single SMS.


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