The simple ways to send bulk SMS

Today, businesses of all sizes are benefiting from the pocket-friendly, instant communication via bulk SMS. The good news is that you don’t have to be a computer wizard or have a team of professionals to take advantage of SMS solution. Just contact a reputed and reliable bulk SMS gateway provider for simple and effective ways to send messages.

SMS gateway providers also provide you with various APIs and add-ons, allowing you to send texts from almost anywhere, anytime. Here are different ways to send bulk SMS.

Send text messages online

This is one of the most popular ways to send SMS, as it allows them to send SMS even when on the go. Once they login to the website, sending messages is same as sending an email. This means users are not dependent on any one PC or laptop.

Send messages from a spreadsheet

Probably the simplest way to send bulk SMS is through an add-on for a spreadsheet application. Although only a few international bulk SMS providers in India provide this service it makes sending SMS super easy. It enables businesses to use the information or details present in the spreadsheet to send their SMS.

Send SMS from WordPress

This is another add-on provided by a few online bulk SMS service provider. As name suggests with this add-on you can send SMS using your WordPress website. This add-on proves to be of great help for e-commerce stores.

If you have access to add-ons and bulk SMS API then sending bulk SMS will be like a breeze.


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