Features of the Best SMSAPI Provider

SMS API is an implicit ten digit mobile number that receives a large number of text messages from the users. Features of the best SMSAPI provider are as follows:

Complete analytics: The complete reporting is done quickly on delivery, operator and on the basis of area.

24/7 support: Once the service is started, it is not disrupted anywhere due to high redundancy as servers are situated in the different places.

OTP engine: Due to the presence of a large amount of the data, an OTP engine has been well-designed individually that is used to send or deliver a large volume of verifications and OTPs or one time password quickly.

DND engine: The listed DND numbers as per the TRAI rules are involuntarily sorted out by this engine.

User-friendly platform: Long code SMS is very easy and simply understood to the customers just by having a look at it.

Numerous APIs: The incorporation of the API would be very simple to the programmers. An API is offered to all the services that we have such as verifying the balance, error reports, sending text SMS.

Scalable and flexible: When there is a considerable growth or development in the workload, it is able to deal with or perform also under these situations. The SMS push can be done considerably by improving the throughput service.

Plugin: A bulk SMS Excel plugin is offered with which there is no requirement of opening the application each time. The overall information can be delivered by the Excel plug-in.

Email to SMS facility: If you want to send SMS from an email, you have to be connected to the Internet every time. But, this feature allows you to send the Bulk SMS to any mobile number around the world from any email application.

So, if you are looking for the above features in an SMSAPI provider, then you may consider MSG91.


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