How One Time Password Authentication works?

Authenticating users through their mobile phone or your website is the most significant factor for any business. One of the most secure authentication these days is through sending an OTP SMS to users. Businesses send One Time Password (OTP) to users when users want to make a necessary transaction through their mobile phone or website.

When websites want to validate a user, they normally create a token or random code and send OTP over user’s mobile phone. Once user gets the token or randomly generated code, then user can enter those details and validate himself/herself.

How does OTP SMS work?

Let’s suppose, one of your user has forgotten his password and would like to reset it, then user authenticates account details and you as an enterprise owner will send an OTP SMS to authenticate his account. User gets a password over mobile phone and enters that to authenticate further on your website. Therefore, you are making user’s account and user’s transactions secure.

How to use OTP service?

If you have a team of in-house software developers, then they can incorporate this feature in your website or IVR system. Otherwise, you can appoint software companies to do the same.

Authenticating users through Transactional SMS has been one of the most secure platforms for any business. If you are not using any OTP service, then try and implement now.

MSG91 provides a dedicated infrastructure for Two Factors Authentication , SendOTP.  Now your users will not have to wait for a long time to get their authentication code to justify themselves, it’ll be done within seconds.

If you are searching for One Time Password SMS script, then we can develop it for your website along with SMS services for sending OTP. Apart from it, if you just want dedicated Bulk SMS services to send OTP effectively , then you can rely on SendOTP.


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